Hi! I am Vincent van den Boogaard, a freelance photographer.

Based in the Netherlands, I specialize in electronic (hard) dance event photography. After buying my first camera and visiting my first big events in 2011, my fascination for events and the photographers working on these events started to grow, because creating an unique photo in low light situations is a real challenge.

I started in a club not far from my home after an invite from a good friend who regularly performs as a DJ. Soon I found out that working at events is a real joy and after two turbulent years in which I created, coded, designed, filmed and shot for multiple media platforms, I decided in the early 2013 to specialize myself in photography because at that moment that was what I really loved to do. I realized that the hobby I started in 2011 turned in something bigger.

In the past years I have photographed various events from small to large, and met a lot of party-hards and inspiring colleagues. Although I had to make some sacrifices in my personal life, I wouldn't want to do anything else.


Absolutely Fresh
Amsterdam Dance Event
Art of Dance
Intents Festival
Le Champion
Solid Events

And many more.. ;-)